60 Seconds with Coach - Return to the Pool?

Welcome to another episode of 60 seconds with Coach.  

As we see the restrictions easing up we see some of the outdoor pools opening and some of the indoor pools.

 I know it's great, isn't it?   Let's have a quick chat about best way to get back into the pool. 


Return to the pool

For a lot of us,  we know exactly when our last swim was - mine was March 24th! When was yours, do you know?  look it up 😀

so did you know it's really disappointing fora lot of us, we remember the day the pools closed. It was a sad, sad day for many of us and to make things worse we didn't have an option for Open Water Swimming either which made it even worse. We miss it !!  We really do I understand. 

Keep it Easy

The message is pretty simple. It's important not to over do it and keep it simple.If we're not careful we can do more damage than good, which is what we don't want right. The 1st swim you're going to be on to pool deck, You'll want to get in there you are keen,  you'll naturally want to try and get in and pick up where you left off,  power into those 200's. 


But you've got to resist!So besides running and cycling and hopefully some core work.What have you been doing to prepare yourself for getting back in the pool? What shoulder work have you done?Have you done chair dips, push-ups , band work ??If the answer is nothing, you're going to feel it.There's no two ways about it.After that first session, you're going to feel it everywhere - tightness. So the focus has to be on the 1st 3 - 4  sessions.


We need to spend some time working on the basics.I'm talking about mechanics technique work.grab the front load snorkel.You need to concentrate on arm positions, above below the water relax breathing, work on buoyancy, engaging the core.The body needs to remember what it's doing.get the muscles to remember.


It's important to understand here that pace has nothing to do with these first 3 - 4 sessions.just Chuck it out the window.It means nothing and the quicker you can understand that the better.After these first 3 - 4 sessions or so we can start introducing some more specific endurance type sets, mingling with some technique work that you've already been working on. So it's also important to understand too that you have lost swim Fitness.All right, and it will take time to get that back before you feel that same level of Awesomeness that you did before.So be patient.Follow the process focus on some of the mechanics.and you'll be back to your awesome self in no time.

Until next time. 🙂



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