60 Seconds with Coach - Recovery Basics?

Welcome to another episode of 60 seconds with Coach.  

What are the 3 basic ways to recover from daily sessions?  By mastering these 3,  we put another few pieces in place to creating good habits to get ourselves on our way to achieving our goals...


Recovery Basics

Let's have a quick chat about recovery. It gets thrown  around a lot quite a bit, but I want to talk about some of the key Basics.  So why is recovery important? It is the body's way to restore the physiological and psychological process we go through when we work out, trying to reduce fatigue and ultimately will make you become better. it's part of the training puzzle.What should I do?How should I do?

How do I recover from workouts?

So let's focus on the 3 basic methods first and foremost. If you cannot Master these then we should not be looking for other ways to compensate for not doing these 3 well. So, what are they?

#1 is SLEEP 😴

We talk about it all the time, but sometimes we don't followit, right?It's a no-brainer really.So the recommendation is 8 hours per night.If we do not get enough we get increased levels ofcortisol, which is a stress hormone, our Human growth hormone,which is responsible for the tissue repair, they are all compromised.This is super important for recovery.

# 2 is hydration and nutrition.

We actually dehydrate more than what we think we do even on some easy what we deem easy workouts.Okay, drink plenty of water, and supplement that with some good electrolyte drink of some description. There is plenty out there!!Second bit to this is nutrition.everyone has a slightly different approach to it, but it's recommended to eat within one hour after a session/Work out. So we need to look at foods which are rich in lean protein and some quality carbohydrates.just consult a qualified nutrition if you want some more with detailed specifics on what that is.

#3  is Active Recovery (AR) sessions.

AR is basically low intensity activity that stimulates blood flow.It helps remove waste products from the body, like lactic acid and helps reduce soreness etcIt's important that guidance is given to this is to ensure that it's done properly. Otherwise, it won't have the desired effect, the desired recovery effects for it!It can easily turn into a into a stressed workout, which we don't want.

Take away message

Get these 3 basics, right and you go a long way to help you get to achieving your goals. 🙂

Take care till next time.



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