60 Seconds with Coach - How do YOU define success?

Welcome to another episode of 60 seconds with Coach.  

Today we have a chat about how you view success. What you might think about it? How do we define success? And what does it mean to you?

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Welcome to another episode of 60 seconds with Coach.  

Let's talk about what is success. How do we define success? And what does it mean to you? 

It's easy to lose sight of it and often we get so focused on our long-term goals that we often stop and do not think about how we get there with all the short-term successes along the way,  right.  Success is not an all-or-nothing thing.  We need to acknowledge the journey that we go along, rightA combination of all these little successes ends up as long-term

Daily Sessions

In athletic terms we do daily sessions, right? 

Were you able to complete the session as described?

Where you able to complete a session that you did not couldn't complete before?.

Did you go through a period of a lot of missed sessions and you manage to get yourself back in the game and complete some of these sessions?

These are just little examples of smaller successes.When you acknowledge these small successes, it leads to increased confidence and at least a lot more smaller successes, right? It's a great circle. 


In doing a session the mind can play a big part in it. 

Can I do the session? 

Have I gone too far? 

Have I gone too slow.  Do I need to go harder?  Go slower,  back off ??

So the small things like mindset changes are forms of victories in the themselves, even though we haven't achieved our long-term success, right?! We're able to look back on these small successes and drawing on these, right to form the larger picture.Your journey to long-term success is made up of all these smaller successes.  That's what success is.

I don't know what the form my next success will come in, but I do know what to look for.

So take a moment have a think.

What success did you have today?

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